Voice Actors

The Voice Actors of Scriptwax Table Reads

Our voice actors are talented, diverse, and experienced with reading and critiquing screenplays of all genres. They are a mix of voice over artists, screenwriters and directors from around the world, and they’re ready to perform your screenplay now.

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The Voice Actors of Scriptwax Table Reads

Kriss Martin
Kriss MartinVoice Actor
Kriss Martin is a voice actor from central Illinois. With ten years of stage acting experience and three years of coaching experience, she’s played a wide variety of roles and has a lot to bring to the table. From a nurturing mother, to a cold-hearted killer, to the witty comic relief, Kriss has been them all. She studied Performance Theatre at William Woods University and currently works as a high school acting and dialect coach.
Jonathan Cooke
Jonathan CookeVoice Actor
I’ve been voice acting for about 10 years, the last 5 or so professionally. I have voiced radio commercials, video games, cartoons, audio dramas and even one audio book! I live near Los Angeles in a continuing effort to expand my career. 🙂

Sam Lucas Smith
Sam Lucas SmithVoice Actor / Screenwriter
Sam is an award winning Irish actor based in London, Dublin and Los Angeles. Sam’s leading film and television work includes BBC drama productions such as ‘Waterloo Road’ and ‘Casualty’; the major US television series ‘Vikings’; TV3’s 6 part television drama ‘Deception’ and Peter J.McCarthy’s multi-award winning ‘Hunters Fall’. As an established voiceover artist, Sam has narrated commercials for major brands such as Jeep, Meteor Mobile and Glo-Health and he has provided character voices for an extensive list of films, animations and popular video games, such as Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag
Chazz Ravenelle
Chazz RavenelleVoice Actor
Chazz Ravenelle is an experienced online voice actor, writer, video editor, and audio producer. His voice has been featured in fan films, stop-motion shorts, comic dubs, and original audio dramas on youtube. He was also featured in an auteur style project by a professional filmmaker from Istanbul, which can be found on vimeo.

Nate Wells
Nate WellsVoice Actor
Nathan Wales is a freelance VA with nearly two years experience in voice over, and narration. His signature sound is friendly, warm, and engaging. A bit of natural grit adds an appealing layer of gruff masculinity atop his earnest delivery. That and his ability to emote authentically have become some of his most celeberated characteristics. Whether it’s a coffee commercial, or voicing a roguish thief with a heart of gold; Nathan Wales has you covered. For quality work with even faster turn around contact Nate today.

James McGowan
James McGowanVoice Actor / Writer
James McGowan is an actor and voice actor from New York City. He has recorded and released four audiobooks and many articles through the JBI library, and has done some minor work for video games. He also writes and records news broadcasts through Hunter College’s WHCS Radio Station and studies chemistry at Hunter College.
Leah Casey
Leah CaseyVoice Actor
Leah Casey is a Chicago-based writer, actress, artist, and dancer. As a child, her love for portraying various characters encouraged her to pursue a career in multiple facets of the fine arts, graduating from UIC with a BFA in Acting. She currently works on Project STELLAR, a sci-fi podcast about a couple of kids and their bizarre encounters with aliens.

Leonie 'Lee' Koh
Leonie 'Lee' KohVoice Actor
Leonie is an aspiring voice actress from Singapore, who is residing in Japan. She is currently pursuing an education in Voice Acting at Osaka Animation School Vocational College. She has an IBCP diploma in Theatre from The School Of The Arts, Singapore.
Alex Brodie
Alex BrodieVoice Actor
Alex Brodie is a male voice over talent hailing from Toronto, Canada. With years of experience behind him, he excels at versatility. Varying projects from Video Game Voice Acting to internal corporate training videos, Brodie has had the pleasure of working with all walks of writers and copy. Brodie enjoys Voice Acting, Hiking, and Beards.

Kerstyn Unger
Kerstyn UngerVoice Actor
Kerstyn Unger is a female voice talent based out of Florida. Able to perform voices from crazed elderly to young eager characters, she has over 30 roles under her belt. She produces professional level quality sound and emotional range from her home studio. She has always had a passion for stories and games which has opened this path to her. Now she is eager work on large scale projects for triple A game companies and cartoon creators.
Christina Nicholls
Christina NichollsVoice Actor
Christina was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts but has since relocated to Southern California to live out her dreams. After being cast in several lead roles in short films for Emerson College, the acting bug in Christina was more alive than ever! Now, focusing on voice-over projects in animated films such as the KOTOR Star Wars saga, she is living her dream in a way she never thought possible!

Andy Casas
Andy CasasVoice Actor
I’m a 23 year old female voice actor and I’ve been self taught mostly. I’ve wanted to be a voice actor for as long as I can remember and I’m very passionate about it. I can voice young males and females of any age but I’m always willing to practice and learn.
Bradley Gareth
Bradley GarethVoice Actor / Writer
Bradley pursued the performing arts throughout high school, consistently participating in high school musicals and chorus festivals during his tenure there. During his time in college, Bradley participated in numerous professional and amateur voiceover productions both online and at the University of Pittsburgh’s student radio station, WPTS Radio. Now out of school, Bradley continues to lend his voice to multiple productions, dabble in musical composition, and provide content writing for WrightlySo.com.
Sara Mears
Sara MearsVoice Actor
Sara lives in Los Angeles and has been voice acting for indie video games, animations, podcasts, machinima, and other projects for a few years. She loves to voice a variety of different characters and is currently focusing on turning this dream of hers into a professional career.

Belsheber Rusape
Belsheber RusapeVoice Actor / Audio Mixer / Artist
I am a freelance voice actor, audio mixer, artist, marketer, and overall multimedia artist. I work to achieve great results on teams as fast and as efficient as possible. If there’s a casting call or any other incredible opportunity that passes my way, I have made it my mission to share said opportunities with other voice actors and artists.

Alex 'Magic AL' Evans
Alex 'Magic AL' EvansVoice Actor
A dreamer seeking to make his desires reality, Alex is an aspiring vocalist who has made tremendous leaps and bounds in a year’s worth of time. Not only is he talented in voice-over, Al is also a moderator on the voice acting website CastingCall.Club, and had ran his own podcast on the Thr3AndOut radio network. Providing a wide range of sound and a wider range support, Al is the magical choice for any male roles you need fulfilled.

Kyle Tait
Kyle TaitVoice Actor / Sports Broadcaster
Kyle Tait is a full-time, professionally-trained voice actor and sports broadcaster based in Atlanta, GA. He’s narrated more than 20 titles on Audible, and has also produced a wide variety of commercials, training videos, documentaries and more.
Jared Raman
Jared RamanVoice Actor
Jared has been a voice actor for over 3 years now, but did not professionally transition into the field, until the beginning of 2017. Since then, Jared has worked in over 68 projects, and played almost 80 characters. Equipped with a higher pitched voice, he is perfect for young adults, teens, elderly men and children, yet has the flexibility to take on a myriad of creatures and inhuman characters.

Aldon Jacob
Aldon JacobVoice Actor
Aldon Jacob has been on TV, radio, and YouTube since 2011. Behind the scenes of his broadcasting life, he’s in love with video games, anime, and cartoons. Ultimately, this led him to voice acting. His other hobbies include listening to Kpop, enjoying San Francisco Bay Area sports, and watching WWE.
Scott Henry
Scott HenryVoice Actor
A lifetime spent in radio broadcasting, with a love for the arts and the theatrical. Voice can be defined as “middle-aged with a 20-year swing in either direction,” I can be gravelly or smooth in delivery, and adore the strange, maniacal or “off-the-wall” characters.

Justyn Barrios
Justyn BarriosVoice Actor
Justyn is a 16 year old that has been Voice Acting for 2 years. He’s best at voicing young adults and teens, but also very versatile and will try his best at any voice you give him. He loves video games and anime, and he’s very passionate about what he does.
Nova Nightingale
Nova NightingaleVoice Actor
I am a twenty-three year old voice actress who has been in the business for over five years. I have a medium to low natural voice, and I am always pushing myself to give the best performance I can. I pride myself in taking on the feelings and attributes of the character in performance, while providing the client with prompt replies and professionalism outside of acting.

Chakree 'ChakAttack' Matayanant
Chakree 'ChakAttack' MatayanantVoice Actor
I’m 26 years old and have been involved in voicing for 2 years. I love acting and voice acting is a passion to me that really uses one’s personal creativity and imagination! I hope to learn, practice and hone my skills to pursue voice acting on a professional scale. I have a medium pitch and range but I welcome any learning experience that enables me to get out of my comfort zone, expand my range and offer more to the table!
Carmen Ligato
Carmen LigatoVoice Actor / Producer
Hi! I’m Carmen – voice artist, video producer, and owner of 9Cats Productions. I’ve been using my voice and other creative talents for years as a radio personality (WHMP, North Hampton , MA), touring musician (trumpet and vocals), radio and TV commercials and Master of Ceremonies. With a private studio and state of the art sofware, I can bring your project to life, quickly and with the highest quality!

Bern Aniceto
Bern AnicetoVoice Actor
Bern Aniceto is a voice actor working in Los Angeles, CA. She has been studying acting for over 10 years and is currently taking vocal lessons at the OC Performing Arts School. Bern attends California State University Fullerton where she is pursuing a BA in English Literature and Theater. She is currently working on several League of Legends voice packs, you might recognize her as a voice for Star Guardian Soraka on Youtube, as well as other video games and online animated projects.
Lennel Ray
Lennel RayVoice Actor
I’m Len [ Lennel Ray ], or Lenrintwin. I’ve been voice acting for over 9 years now, and I’m known for pulling off male children voices for most projects I am cast in! It’s my specialty, but not limited to it.

Randy Kerr
Randy KerrVoice Actor
Randy is currently in a theater production of Antony & Cleopatra. He was recently cast in the novella series “Legacy” slated to come out later this year, and he was in “Sable Maze 2”. You might also catch a glimpse of him in the movie “Southpaw” or the movie “The 21st Century Band” coming early next year.
Kyle McCoy
Kyle McCoyVoice Actor / Music Composer
Kyle McCoy is a music composer and voice actor based in southern California. He first discovered his passion for voice-over and voice acting when composing music for animated shorts/series, and audiobooks over the past two years. He is currently in college working towards his B.S. in Biological Science, and enjoys being in projects with other voice actors whenever he has the time. When Kyle is not working on school, voice acting, or composing, he enjoys posting acoustic covers on his Youtube channel.

Georgia Warley
Georgia WarleyVoice Actor
Sometimes, if you listen to Georgia, you wouldn’t believe her if she said she was 29 by the way she acts and talks. Born in England, her education is primarily art and illustration, but over the past few years has developed a taste for voice work. She can voice from young children to young adult and more. Her voice ranges from medium low, sultry and husky, to almost dizzy high notes. If requested she can also sing too. An avid anime and cartoon lover, she adores voicing cartoon and video game characters.
Isaiah Adams
Isaiah AdamsVoice Actor
Isaiah is a voice actor residing just outside of Chicago, Illinois. He has always had a love for drama, and has spent the last year discovering and improving his acting talent. This year he decided to try his hand in the world of voice over. He prides himself in his ability to analyze characters, and using that knowledge to add flavor to his performance.

Joshua Bellas
Joshua BellasVoice Actor / Artist
Josh is a 21 year old freelance digital artist who specializes in voice acting, graphic design, and traditional fine art. He thoroughly enjoys working with indie directors to provide voices for animated skits, audio dramas, video games, and anything that could use his skills. Josh prides himself as an artistic generalist who loves to have fun and lend a helping hand to passionate small-time creators. He also enjoys live-streaming on Twitch.tv with his roommates as he earns his BFA in Digital Arts from Bowling Green State University among the flat cornfields of western Ohio. With a wide range of accents and ages, Josh has you covered. *high five*
Michelle Renee
Michelle ReneeVoice Actor / Singer
I’m a 22 yr old actress and opera singer who loves God. Some of my interests include superheroes, fairytales, riddles, D&D, musical theatre, cosplay, analysis in fiction and script writing.

Quinn Sherr
Quinn SherrVoice Actor
Quinn Sherr is a voice over talent from Florida, USA. Quinn specializes in character voice acting for mediums such as animation, video games, and cartoons… and can do anything from your typical ‘guy next door’ to your over the top deranged villain. With an efficient workflow and home studio which allows him to produce studio-grade quality, you can trust Quinn to get the job done right!
Jeremy Cobble
Jeremy CobbleVoice Actor / Producer
Jeremy is a voice actor, videographer, editor, and producer from Central Florida. Film has been his passion for over 10 years, and voice work for the last 5. From deep and foreboding villains, to righteous heroes, or lovable sidekicks, Jeremy loves to voice all kinds of characters and bring stories to life!

Allison Thomas
Allison ThomasVoice Actor
Allison Thomas is a voice actor based in Los Angeles, CA. She minored in Drama at UC Irvine, and has studied voice acting via classes and workshops since then. Enthusiastic and versatile, Allison has a wide vocal range, and she is committed to creating engaging, dynamic performances. Her most recent work can be heard in Brilliant Shadows and Pale Spectrum, two parts of an ongoing high fantasy visual novel series.
Michael Sutherland
Michael SutherlandVoice Actor / Composer
Michael Sutherland is a composer and voice actor. His range sits primarily at young adult – adult male. Michael hopes to one day score films.
Alex Reid
Alex ReidScreenwriter / Voice Actor
Alex Reid is a writer and a host of both table reads and several radio shows. He primarily specialises in narrating screenplays, especially when the script is dramatically hefty and requires a level of gravitas. Dynamically changing his performance as the scene demands, he prides himself on his ability to engage with a script on an emotional level. He can read both in his native Northern Irish accent or a more neutral American accent.
Erin Evans-Walker
Erin Evans-WalkerVoice Actor
Erin has provided voices for a variety of video games and audio dramas, and just completed her first audiobook. Style ranges from young and perky to older and sultry, and while she enjoys bringing all sorts of characters to life, secretly she loves voicing villains.