First 10 Pages Table Read $50 Special

First 10 Pages Table Read


What You Get

We will provide a live reading of the first 10 pages of your screenplay. The performance will include a minimum of 4 voice actors plus 1 narrator. The Table Read will be delivered as a high quality video (MP4) and sound (MP3) file within 7 business days. Includes Commercial Use License.

Here’s an example of our voice actors table reading a 7 page short film:

How to Order

Please complete the submission form below, then hit SEND.

The character list should include a description of every character with spoken dialogue in your script to assist us in casting the best voice actors for the roles. Please be sure to include Character Name, Gender (M, F, or M/F if it doesn’t matter), Age, plus a one line description including personality traits that help an actor read the part, not what the character does in the script. Feeling lost? You can check out an Example Character List here!

You will be asked for your payment info on the following page.

Note: This is a limited time special!